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5 TEDtalks That MS Dynamics Users Will Eat Up

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In this series, we're rounding up five TEDtalks for people of all industries. This week, we've gathered TEDtalks for MS Dynamics users and administrators. As a user of MS Dynamics's productive ERP software, these topics will get you inspired and open your mind to the insightful ideas of these innovators, writers, and tech geniuses.

Why you should love statistics

This 13-minute April 2016 talk from Alan Smith considers our numeracy (our literacy with numbers) problem and what numbers mean. Using statistics, “the part of mathematics that mathematicians don’t like,” Smith expands statistics to become about us as a group over us as individuals. He also considers our perceptions rather than the reality of what the numbers tell us. He makes statistics fascinating in a way that MS Dynamics users are sure to appreciate.

Meet the inventor of the electronic spreadsheet

Here’s Dan Bricklin, the guy we can blame for creating the grandfather of Excel and Google Sheets. This 12-minute talk brings you on the journey of the spreadsheet from the Apple II personal computer to today’s modern spreadsheet. While you might feel a bit of animosity toward the spreadsheet because of how much work it represents, this story will give MS Dynamics users a new perspective on this foundational software.

Your company's data could help end world hunger

This 11-minute talk from Mallory Soldner on her journey to solve world hunger. Soldner discusses how companies might make donations toward this mission, but how, more so, the data of ordinary businesses can do more to solve the problem. She discusses how data philanthropy is the future and asks how your company can begin to contribute, a big question for MS Dynamics users to consider.

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The new generation of computers is programming itself

This April 2017 conversation between TED host Chris Anderson and technologist Sebastian Thrun discusses machine learning and artificial intelligence. They begin by discussing bugs and problems within software and how computers can solve their own problems. Thrun makes the comparison to how children grow up by learning how to figure out solutions for themselves, which is what computers are now doing. According to Thrun, given enough data and time to comprehend that data, the computer can make rules for itself. The applications are numerous, from self-driving cars to fighting cancer.

Nerdcore comedy

This is an old one, but a good one from 2004, pre-social media yet after more than just the nerds were on the Internet. Performer Ze Frank talks about building an Internet-based online community in order to share the joy he gets from tech. If you’re hooked on Frank Ze, check out his most recent TEDtalk from 2014, a 5-minute talk called “Are you a human being?” (And also his really moving 18-minute 2010 TEDtalk).  It’s easy to get lost in how funny this talk is, but it’s clear to see that Frank is about making connections through technology and isn’t that what MS Dynamics is about?

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