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5 TEDtalks For Ceridian Users To Stop & Enjoy

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In this series, we're rounding up five TEDtalks for people of all industries. This week, we've gathered TEDtalks for Ceridian users and administrators. As users of Ceridian's productive HCM software, these topics will get you inspired and open your mind to the insightful ideas of these innovators, writers, and tech geniuses.

Why we need to imagine different futures

This thoughtful, 14-minute talk from Anab Jain discusses the future that she imagines in a very concrete way. With talk of drones, changing climates, and even creating air from the future, she convincingly explores what happens when we bridge the disconnect between today and tomorrow that’s evident in our current attitudes. Ceridian users will enjoy thinking about tomorrow and what might lie ahead.

The future we're building — and boring (From Elon Musk)

Elon Musk and TEDtalk host Chris Anderson sit down to talk about solving problems with travel, particularly in high volume cities like Los Angeles. Musk discusses his plan for boring tunnels under the city to create a faster, underground method of travel at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. This enlightening talk discusses big ideas for the future that Ceridian users will appreciate.

Know your worth, and then ask for it

Casey Brown's job is to work with clients to help them get what they are worth: not what their work is worth, but what they are worth. She details stories of clients and anecdotes about how she had to do what she tells her clients to do in earning what she was worth. Ceridian users will benefit from considering what they, too, are worth and how their contributions make a difference to the company.

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Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume

 Regina Hartley is an HR leader who divides job candidates into scrappers or silver spoons. She says that she would hire the scrapper every time because they know how to overcome challenges and get the job done. Because she was a scrapper herself, she knows the value of hard work and how much diverse candidates bring into the worklpace. Ceridian users will enjoy spending these 14 minutes with Hartley as she discusses why the best candidates might have unique resumes.

This is what happens when you reply to spam email

Last, but not least is a talk by James Veitch, a British writer and comedian, who provides a last dash of fun as he discusses what happened when he started replying to spam emails. He doesn't go into depth with thoughtful ponderings on the meanings of his interactions, but he does have fun with this experiment, so it should be a nice way to enjoy 10 minutes for Ceridian users looking for a thoughtful way to break up the day.

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