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5 TEDtalks Business Leaders Need To Watch Now

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In this series, we're rounding up five TEDtalks for people of all industries. This week, we've gathered TEDtalks for business leaders. As an executive or a thought leader, these topics will get you inspired and open your mind to the insightful ideas of these innovators, writers, and tech geniuses.

What really motivates people to be honest in business

Alexander Wagner discusses how fraud has become a “feature not a bug” of the finance industry and goes into the psychology behind honesty and deception. His TEDtalk is a quest to discover how the richness of human behavior can enrich our companies and organizations. He considers the question of incentives versus values.

How to build a company where the best ideas win

In the business world, often decisions come from the top down and that’s that. But what if other ideas at the bottom are better and never make it to the top? Radical transparency is a concept that CEO Ray Dalio brings to the table. He proposes algorithms that break down barriers and bring forth honesty and the best ideas.

What would happen if we upload our brains to computers?

Futurist and social scientist Robin Hanson explores the human brain and how to port software from the brain. He explores the idea of the “Em,” reality, and what might happen if computers take over the global economy. And should we work to change that future world?

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How to find a wonderful idea

OK Go is so well known for coming up with unique ideas for their music videos to the point that the music videos become more famous than the songs themselves. This video addresses the question that they get time and again: how do you come up with these good ideas? The answer will surprise you (and it will be wonderful).

How better tech could protect us from distraction

Tristan Harris begins by asking what it means to spend our time well, a subject he’s studied to the point that he’s almost obsessive about it. While this begins by talking about our distractions, the emphasis is on how we measure the value of our technology and design better to meet those requirements. Business leaders will learn a lot about design and thinking about how technology can and should reflect our most human values.

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