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5 Reasons DATABASICS + NetSuite Is Exciting

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DATABASICS is proud to announce its newest integration partner: NetSuiteWith thousands of clients, the NetSuite integration provides DATABASICS clients with even more flexibility, keeping complex systems simple.

NetSuite + DATABASICS = Cause for Expense Report Software Celebration


  1. No more manual expense reporting:

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    With DATABASICS, you can use automation to complete expense reports (through OCR—optical character recognition—and auto-fill), then convert them to NetSuite Journals. No more spreadsheets for you!

  2. The latest innovations at your fingertips:

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    NetSuite and DATABSICS are always updating and innovating as new technologies emerge within the industry.  That means that you can the best of both worlds: expense reporting and accounting efficiency.

  3. Submissions and approvals on the go:

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    The DATABASICS app is mobile and it lives on the web, so you can submit expense reports or approve them wherever you are. And, you get notifications of where the report is in the workflow and you get updated them it’s been approved.

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  1. It’s so simple: 

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    Expense reports don’t have to be the worst part of your day, or a task you dread all month. The whole process is simpler and easier for end users and admins. That’s what matters in the end—you should be able to get into the system, get it done, and get back to your real job.

  2. Integrations galore!

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    When all your systems work seamlessly together, life is simpler. DATABASICS is flexible and integrates with NetSuite and all major HR, payroll, compliance, and travel systems. That means that you get an all-in-one experience for your employees and relief of your data migration headaches. When credit card transactions, for example, can flow smoothly into NetSuite, you can do more in less time


  1. Global LOCALIZATION engaged:


    Who doesn’t love knowing that as you grow, you won’t grow out of your systems? If you’re a global organization now (or you might be down the road), DATABASICS provides the global localization you need, taking care of those details you might not have thought about yet. You get more than translation services: you get support for multiple currencies, VAT & sales tax management, and app localization among many other benefits.

We’re definitely celebrating our latest integration partnership with NetSuite and we hope that this list gives you reason to celebrate too!

DATABASICS Simplifies Expense Reporting with NetSuite

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