10 REAL Questions to Ask When Choosing a Global Solution

Whether you’re a rising star or a global enterprise, figuring out which global expense solution is right for you can be difficult when you’re in need of a genuine solution that offers more than multilingual support. While you’re doing the requisite research to find the solution that will work for you, here’s a preview of 10 real questions that will clarify which solution will work best to suit your unique needs:

    Your company is unique: the importance of your history, values, strategy, leadership, culture and way of doing business should not be ignored, or diminished, in the procurement process. To assume a global roll out of an expense system is a cookie cutter process, and that an expense reporting system is a commodity is a disservice to your prospective suppliers as well as yourself.

    Identifying your objectives, gaining leadership buy-in, and communicating these clearly to the shortlisted vendors will allow them to propose a solution that meets these objectives to the best of their ability and to your ultimate benefit.

    Objectives do not exist in a vacuum. “Fast” is just as valid an objective as “Comprehensive”, but typically these are seen to be basic roll-out objectives in conflict. Identifying priorities, and communicating these with your prospective suppliers offers further insight to allow a proposal to be prepared that treats you and your requirements with integrity.

    Once prioritized “Fast” and “Comprehensive” don’t have to be in conflict as long as your selected solution offers flexibility to allow a timely initial roll out, as well as the possibility for you to make improvements (with or without the vendors help – again, what is your objective?) once the solution is in production.

    There are formal and informal stakeholders that needs to be identified, and managed, through the procurement as well as roll out process: Organization leadership, solution owners and managers, owners of tangential processes and systems, frequent travelers, unions and work councils. Each group should be recognized and form part of change management and communication plans as appropriate.

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To see all 10 questions, we invite you to download the complete list in our 10 REAL Questions to Ask When Choosing a Global Expense Solution white paper.

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