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The Bigger (but less obvious) Pain of Expense Reports

As some would have it in the travel technology space, there isn’t much worse you can inflict upon an employee than to make that person fill out an expense report.  The process is so excruciating that anything you can do to shorten the ordeal is invaluable.  


Rising Ebola Impact on Business Travel

Screening inbound passengers for the highly lethal Ebola virus has begun at Dulles International Airport (IAD), as well as four other major U.S. airports. And being the closest to our office, our own DATABASICS employees fly in and out of Dulles frequently.


What is this Perfect Trip Concur keeps talking about?

SAP is buying Concur Technologies.  Concur will certainly become more of a player globally in travel expense management.  SAP will gain a foothold in Concur’s accounts, but will be hard-pressed to figure out what else to sell the smaller customers.


Ancillary Fees Are Here to Stay - Do You Have A Solution?

Did you know airline ancillary revenues for 2013 reportedly reached 6% of the $708 billion spent worldwide on airfares? That’s $42.4 billion with the estimates reported by IdealWorks Company, who track results from Air Transport World, Airlines Business and airline websites.


Are TMCs ready for a David and Goliath story?

In 201, Goodbye Goliaths, Hello Davids' self-professed nerd and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell extolls the virtues of the non-behemoths in his latest work, David and Goliath. Business leaders often reference his books, Blink and Tipping Point.

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