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Top 5 Staffing Timesheet Must-Haves

Staffing and recruiting firms have a unique set of needs when it comes to timesheet software. We’ve built this list of timesheet tools and features that anyone looking for timesheet software in the staffing industry should add to their “must-have” list.


Tracking your mobile workforce through timesheets with geo-fencing

A recent innovation for the mobile workforce is timesheets with geo-fencing. This virtual boundary tool makes it possible to create a digital barrier around a particular site or geo-location, which can be particularly helpful construction professionals or field service workers.


How Successful Nonprofits & USAID Contractors Track Time

Nonprofits & USAID contractors are a unique breed of organization. They have employees, but they also have volunteers and together, all of those employees and volunteers have a lot of work to do to accomplish the organization’s mission, whether that’s a political, religious, or social cause. The methods for achieving that cause might vary and...


Geo-fencing for nonprofits and USAID Contractors

USAID contractors and nonprofits might not consistently have a mobile workforce, but they do have some employees and volunteers who might be working in an offsite location occasionally. That’s where geo-fencing can come in handy. Geo-fencing is technology that creates a virtual perimeter around a particular set of geolocation coordinates....


How To Respond To Employees In These 5 Tough Situations

It can be (and often is) tough to be the boss. From afar, it can look like managers have it easy, but when problems arise, it’s the manager’s job to handle those problem in a way that’s fair, but effective. Of course, solving these problems is easier said than done. Here’s our advice for what to do in these tricky situations.

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