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Purchasing Or Procurement Card Best Practices: A P-Card Introduction

Whether you call them P-Cards, PCards, or P Cards (short for “purchasing cards” or "procurement cards"), these business tools are a long-standing method of payment for many institutions. In fact, a 2016 study on P-Card trends by the NAPCP (National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals) shows that of those companies that use P-Cards,...


P-Card Pros & Cons: A Tale of Two Cities

Most financial innovations entail risk and reward, and P-Cards are no different. Consider the following two recent examples ripped from the headlines.


P-Card Expense Management Survey — Biggest Challenges

DATABASICS took a recent survey during the NAPCP 2016 Annual Commercial Card and Payment Conference and discovered the biggest challenges companies are currently struggling with, within their P-Card expense management programs.

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