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What Your Free P-Card Banking Solution Hasn’t Told You

If you’ve been charged with managing your company’s P-Card program, you have been tasked with a rewarding, but challenging job. The reward is the improved cash flow inherent in P-Cards, but your whole job doesn’t have to revolve around maintaining this system and defending against fraud.


P-Card Program Management: A "How-To" Case Study

Purchasing cards (or P-Cards) are an excellent business decision for companies that want to save time and be more efficient, allowing employees to use their cards on allowable expenses under company policy. Traditional processes for payment can cost more and be more work to manage, as detailed at NAPCP's explaination of why to use purchasing...


5 P-Card Program Management Benefits You Might Be Missing Out On

We’re excited for NAPCP in just a few weeks, especially because we get to gather with other Purchasing Card (P-Card) enthusiasts and talk about one of our favorite subjects. To celebrate, we’ve been thinking about how P-Cards work and what P-Cards are used for, but we’ve also been thinking about how awesome it is to offer a P-Card management...


P-Card Management Best Practices: An Introduction

P-Cards (short for “purchasing cards”) are a long-standing part of many institutions. In fact, a 2016 study on P-Card trends by the NAPCP (National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals) shows that of those companies that use P-Cards, only 9% have been established in the last 5 years or earlier, while 90% had been established for 5 years...

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