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Why USAID Organizations Need Reporting & Analytics

USAID contractors have a lot of responsibility outside of their primary mission of achieving the organization’s initiatives. They need to track their timesheets and expense reports transparently, in a way that shows how funding is being used. They’re responsible for also obtaining new grants to fund their mission. That’s where reporting and...


Enforcing Absence Leave Policies in 5 Easy Steps

Managing leave has become increasingly complex and more complexity means spending even more time manually managing employee leave. Beyond the workload of management, leave can also become a huge liability for many companies without the proper guards in place.


Writing Employee Leave Policy To Ensure Law Compliance

You may have landed here because you want to write a thorough attendance policy from the start of your business. But, you may also be here because you’ve had a policy in place that you think might not be working (or that might not be fully federally or state compliant). If you’re an HR professional looking at your own attendance policy, this...


Getting Employees To Stick To Your Policies: Leave Policy Motivation

Because it takes so much work for HR professionals to deal with absence management, it would be amazing if your workers were so motivated that they stuck to your leave policies out of sheer loyalty to the company. But, loyalty is earned. Here are five moves you can make to get the most loyalty out of your leave policy and tend to the emotional...


6 Ways Federal Contractors Increase DCAA Compliance

Federal contractors have tough jobs. Not only are they putting their time, effort, and talents into critical projects for the government, but they’re also working to comply with DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) requirements.

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