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Why Government Contractors Need Reporting & Analytics

Federal contractors need a solution for understanding their data. Data is power when it comes to earning new government sponsorships and building a reputation that will earn new contracts. What federal contractor organizations might not know, however, is that there are tools for helping you gather and understand your data. That’s where...


What HR People Say About Company Policies & Compliance

The June 7th SHRM #NextChat polled the HR experts on the problem of employee manuals. The question of the day: Should employers do away with their manuals? Here are some highlights from the conversation about policies & compliance.


FLSA Changes & How To Cope

Changes might be in store regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); these changes were halted in late 2016 by court order until new details about the requirements of the act could be investigated.


26 Sample Employee Handbook Policies for Improved Compliance

The key to any good H.R. policy is, first, that it exists and, second, that it gets enforced. The challenge comes in initiating a tone in the language of the policy that allows H.R. leaders to enforce based on the situation. For example, if an employee is late most days of the week, that deserves a different reaction than if an employee is late...


How USAID Contractors Can Get More Grants By Improving Compliance

USAID contractors work off of grants, so they need to comply with DCAA and FAR regulations in order to receive funding. Then, they need to report on that funding, making reporting and analysis tools essential for ensuring compliance. Proving their worthiness of the grant and their ability to follow the requirements of the grant.

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