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3 Talent Retainment Tools The Best Employers Use

In this week’s Fun Friday, we’re curating several links recently posted from around the web on what we found was a common theme of keeping employees happy. After all, we’ve all heard that it’s wise to splurge on a cushy mattress since we spend 1/3 of our day on it, which becomes bigger since that means we’re actually spending more like 1/3 of...


Productivity Hacks That Helped Us Get More Done

The problem of productivity—or the lack thereof—is invading social media. The topic’s popularity is evidence of its purveyance within the working world. Even we here at DATABASICS have been caught up pondering productivity in terms of the business industry, particularly when it comes to A.I. But, as workers on a mission for our company, we’re...


Laughing & Learning Leads To More Productivity

This week we were captured by two articles about what we’re doing right (and wrong) in the workplace. We learned about 8 key factors that decrease business productivity and why it pays off to be funny at work—usually.


Letter from the CEO: Avoiding Discrimination & Stereotyping

As CEO of DATABASICS, I’m responsible for making sure we comply with all laws regarding discrimination.  Beyond that, I’m responsible for us getting along, finding the best possible people to join us, and staying focused on doing what our clients expect of us.  There’s no room at DATABASICS for stereotypes or demeaning speech or behavior.  We...


Be More Productive Through A.I. & Learning About Learning

In our new Fun Friday series, we're curating some links from around the web that are getting us excited about our industry. This week, we're thinking about A.I. & productivity, two topics becoming more related each day.

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