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How To Sell Change To The Skeptics In Your Company

Getting the whole team on board with a change in systems or policies can be a real challenge, even when it’s definitely for the better. Change affects the whole team, from the ground-level employees who will be doing their jobs differently to the administrators, managers, and decision-makers who will be putting into place and managing these...


Artificial Intelligence in HR: Can It Actually Be Helpful?

With news of Apple’s doubled-down attempt to enter the AI (artificial intelligence) arena, trying to find practical applications for AI in other industries is becoming a priority. In HR, for example, there are plenty of applications for not only AI, but also for automation that will ease up the workload when it comes to tasks like recruiting,...


8 Pre-Vacation Tasks For A Stress-Free Trip & A Smoother Return

We’re 24 hours into the official start of summer. Hopefully that means that you’ve scheduled a vacation, which studies show increases your productivity and gives you a new perspective. With your leave requested, you’re probably counting down the days.


3 Assumptions About Millennials You Shouldn’t Make

Plenty of assumptions about Millennials are being made, especially as they not only move into the workplace, but also become leaders in the workplace. Some assumptions about Millennials might be true, but we also think it’s important to know which ones aren’t true so that you can make the best decisions about working with your employees.


Friday Playlist To Be More Productive & Get You Weekend Ready

We love Fridays here at DATABASICS, not only because Fridays signal the start of the weekend, but because we get to take stock of all we've accomplished over the week.

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