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The 7 Most Promising Tools to Drive Business Growth

We’ve compiled a list of the seven most promising tools that will not only drive business growth, but when paired with DATABASICS Time & Expense will significantly increase your company's bottom line


Can You Afford Healthy Food On A Per Diem?

Per diems can be a smart way for a company to easily manage the cost of food for travelers. Paying the employee per day at a set rate reduces the administrative cost of filing and approving expense reports, a major benefit for companies with a lot of travelers. Plus, per diems allow for easier budgeting.


Artificial Intelligence in HR: Can It Actually Be Helpful?

With news of Apple’s doubled-down attempt to enter the AI (artificial intelligence) arena, trying to find practical applications for AI in other industries is becoming a priority. In HR, for example, there are plenty of applications for not only AI, but also for automation that will ease up the workload when it comes to tasks like recruiting,...


8 Pre-Vacation Tasks For A Stress-Free Trip & A Smoother Return

We’re 24 hours into the official start of summer. Hopefully that means that you’ve scheduled a vacation, which studies show increases your productivity and gives you a new perspective. With your leave requested, you’re probably counting down the days.


Anatomy of Great Retail Time & Expense Software [Infographic]

Retail industries have plenty of complex software needs. That's why it's smart to evaluate all your choices. Here's what you should look for in great retail time & expense software.

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