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Top 5 Staffing Timesheet Must-Haves

Staffing and recruiting firms have a unique set of needs when it comes to timesheet software. We’ve built this list of timesheet tools and features that anyone looking for timesheet software in the staffing industry should add to their “must-have” list.


Automated Expense Report Tools for Government Contractors

Organizations that work with the government have a lot of requirements to meet, so they need government contractor expense reporting tools that will help them meet those requirements. In your search for the right solution, you should be looking for specific features of the solution to help meet your needs. Here are some government contractor...


How Global USAID Orgs Benefit from USAID Time and Expense

USAID contractors are always in search of methods for making their funds go farther. One way is to implement timesheet and expense report software. Here’s a list of how USAID time and expense software can make a big difference to the organization’s bottom line.


Tracking your mobile workforce through timesheets with geo-fencing

A recent innovation for the mobile workforce is timesheets with geo-fencing. This virtual boundary tool makes it possible to create a digital barrier around a particular site or geo-location, which can be particularly helpful construction professionals or field service workers.


Time & Expense Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

Nonprofits might have a large mobile workforce of employees and volunteers. Whether their mission involves a special event or work on the ground in another city or even another country, nonprofits need a timesheet and expense report solution that’s as mobile as their workforce.

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