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Writing Employee Leave Policy To Ensure Law Compliance

You may have landed here because you want to write a thorough attendance policy from the start of your business. But, you may also be here because you’ve had a policy in place that you think might not be working (or that might not be fully federally or state compliant). If you’re an HR professional looking at your own attendance policy, this...


Going Global Means You Need More Than Multilingualism

Why the hype on going global? Everyone wants to go global. This is more than just a trend; it's an intentioned way of doing business. So, what does it really take to go global?


USAID Time and Expense Grant Tracking Software Must-Haves

USAID contractors have a particular need for grant tracking since that’s their primary source of funding. When it comes to searching for the right USAID time and expense software, however, it can be difficult to know to look for when it comes to the just-right solution. If you’re still using an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to upgrade,...


How Successful Staffing Firms Track Clients/Projects

Staffing firms are often looking for ways to stay organized and stay on top of billing/reimbursements. Because staffing organizations often have a large, mobile workforce, it can be challenge to manage all of their projects and clients. Here are four ways that the most successful staffing firms track clients/projects.


A.I. & Automation Comparison: The Future & The Present

It’s science fiction today, but there may come a time when jobs as we know them today will be done by machines with the future of artificial intelligence. Here's our A.I. & automation comparison for expense reporting.

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