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5 Benefits of Receipt Capture

Businesses have discovered that reimbursing employees for their expense reports quickly and efficiently is a major challenge. This is especially true of organizations with a large or mobile workforce since their employees and approvers are on the go. The key to success is staying organized when managing timesheets and expense reports. Receipt...


Global Time & Expense Requirements for Gov't Contractors

If your federal contracting organization has a global presence, your time and expense needs will be different from another company that operates just in one country. What are the global features you should be looking for in a global government contractor time and expense solution?


Why USAID Organizations Need Reporting & Analytics

USAID contractors have a lot of responsibility outside of their primary mission of achieving the organization’s initiatives. They need to track their timesheets and expense reports transparently, in a way that shows how funding is being used. They’re responsible for also obtaining new grants to fund their mission. That’s where reporting and...


Enforcing Absence Leave Policies in 5 Easy Steps

Managing leave has become increasingly complex and more complexity means spending even more time manually managing employee leave. Beyond the workload of management, leave can also become a huge liability for many companies without the proper guards in place.


10 REAL Questions to Ask When Choosing a Global Solution

Whether you’re a rising star or a global enterprise, figuring out which global expense solution is right for you can be difficult when you’re in need of a genuine solution that offers more than multilingual support. While you’re doing the requisite research to find the solution that will work for you, here’s a preview of 10 real questions that...

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