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Concur Alternatives & 4 Ways To Evaluate Them

In today’s post, we’re thinking about the slippery slope of the “false dilemma” or “black-and-white” thinking. This is the kind of thinking that limits your options, presenting you two options when really, there’s more out there. Here at DATABASICS, we believe that you deserve all the “more” you can get, so we present you with a Concur...


Why Staffing Firms need Automated Expense Reports

Staffing organizations sometimes struggle to get their essential billing done quickly and to complete expense report reimbursements quickly and easily. That’s because they have a mobile workforce that might consist of hundreds or thousands of employees out on the road and the work of managing all of those expense reports (and mileage...


USAID Leave Management Best Practices

USAID contractors need to meet all government regulations when it comes to employee leave, but they must also be sure to comply with all grant requirements for how funding is spent. That’s why USAID contractors should be sure to know and follow all the best practices for leave management.


Letter from the CEO

As CEO of DATABASICS, I’m responsible for making sure we comply with all laws regarding discrimination.  Beyond that, I’m responsible for us getting along, finding the best possible people to join us, and staying focused on doing what our clients expect of us.  There’s no room at DATABASICS for stereotypes or demeaning speech or behavior.  We...


Be More Productive Through A.I. & Learning About Learning

In our new Fun Friday series, we're curating some links from around the web that are getting us excited about our industry. This week, we're thinking about A.I. & productivity, two topics becoming more related each day.

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