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DC Wage Theft Prevention Law Mugs Business

The DC Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act has its heart in the right place.  Too many workers are shamefully exploited.  But rather than crafting legislation that targets the kind of employers where most of the abuse cluster, the Act sweeps up everyone, assumes the worst, and imposes an across-the-board penalty: a burdensome record-keeping...


Top 4 Excuses for Not Moving Time & Expense Reporting to the Cloud

It’s 2016 and the shift to the cloud is accelerating! Time tracking and expense reporting are ideal candidates to move to the cloud if you are still running them in-house. The pay-off for moving them to the cloud is impressive and the time and effort may be a lot less than you think.



SAP/Concur Disrupting Managed Travel and the Corporate Travel Department!


Approving Expense Reports: Pre-Payment vs. Post-Payment

A recent discussion topic from an Accounting Director debates that companies who have switched from post-payment reviews/audits of expense reports to pre-payment approval by a manager(s) have realized sizable decreases in unallowable and out-of-policy expenses. 


Sign #6 You Need An Expense Reporting Makeover

Expense reporting solutions have made large advances in recent years. If you haven’t reviewed your expense reporting process lately, you may be short-changing your employees, accounting team, and operational budgets! There are six key indicators that your expense reporting process is underperforming.

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