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5 MS Dynamics Trends That Increase Your Productivity

Prioritizing productivity is more important than even before, so that's why we've gathered a list of increasingly popular requirements for software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. These are five trends to look for when choosing a MS Dynamics ISV partner that will make you more productive than ever.

  1. Mobility & flexibility: The...


NAPCP & Houston Food & Activity Recommendations

With the The NAPCP's Annual Commercial Card and Payment Conference already here, we’re excited to see our friends and colleagues this year for another thought inspiring conference.  Here are our Houston food & activity recommendations.


Friday Playlist To Be More Productive & Get You Weekend Ready

We love Fridays here at DATABASICS, not only because Fridays signal the start of the weekend, but because we get to take stock of all we've accomplished over the week.


3 Ways to Prevent Buddy Punching

What is "buddy punching"? It's that not-uncommon-enough phenomenon in which one employee clocks in (or out for another, skewing the amount of time that employee actually worked). A 2014 American Payroll Association study found that this problem is far too prevalent: three out of four companies are losing money to buddy punching. And those...


Global USAID Contractor Time And Expense Software

USAID contractors have a unique role in the world of federal contractors; according to an article in The Economist, “2/5 of all [USAID] contractors were based in America, although most aid work is done abroad.” That means that USAID contractors are in need of a timesheet and expense report software system that can accommodate both its local and...

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