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SAP/Concur Disrupting Managed Travel and the Corporate Travel Department!

Are Corporate Travel Managers in danger? After the acquisition of Concur, SAP's CEO was asked, So what’s so great about Concur that it’s worth almost $8 billion?"

SAP/Concur's CEO replied:

“Every company has a corporate travel department, but no one wants to work with it. You can use your phone and go out on the Internet and as long as you stay within your budget you can travel any way you want, stay where you want, eat where you want, and Concur lets you do that. Why should the corporate travel department tell you where you’re going to sit on the plane or where you’re going to stay if you can maybe get a better rate?” 
(Re/code, a CNBC partner site,

How do you feel about this, Travel Managers?  

For the full article, click here (see first question). For the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) LinkedIn Group Discussion with over 15 replies, click here (though you must be a member to view).

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