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Why Staffing Firms Should Go Paperless With Time & Expense

Staffing firms are often in search of ways to cut down their administrative costs and get billing completed and to get paid faster. This administrative overhead is a huge burden, one that can be reduced easily with a timesheet and expense reporting solution.


Expense Report Playlist: 10 Jams To Make Expense Reporting More Fun

While you're taking care of your expense reports, here’s a Spotify expense report playlist you can play while you work to make your tasks ahead a little more rocking.


6 Ways Federal Contractors Increase DCAA Compliance

Federal contractors have tough jobs. Not only are they putting their time, effort, and talents into critical projects for the government, but they’re also working to comply with DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) requirements.


3 Reasons to Automate USAID Expense Reporting

USAID contractors have enough on their plate with trying to accomplish their organization’s mission without having to take the time to process expense reports manually. Here are three excellent reasons to automate USAID expense reporting:


Why Government Contractors Need Mobile Time & Expense

Mobile apps are no longer just a fancy “nice-to-have” feature for federal contractor organizations. Today, they’re a requirement to meet the needs of employees and subcontractors who work remotely and need to get their timesheets and expense reports done quickly and accurately from anywhere, anytime. When you’re looking for time and expense...

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