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Productivity Hacks That Helped Us Get More Done

The problem of productivity—or the lack thereof—is invading social media. The topic’s popularity is evidence of its purveyance within the working world. Even we here at DATABASICS have been caught up pondering productivity in terms of the business industry, particularly when it comes to A.I. But, as workers on a mission for our company, we’re...


Compliance Tools for USAID Contractors

USAID contractors need to comply with DCAA and FAR regulations, making reporting and analysis tools essential for ensuring compliance. Plus, USAID contractors have to continue to earn grants by proving their worthiness of the grant and their ability to follow the requirements of the grant. Automating compliance is a requirement for many USAID...


Laughing & Learning Leads To More Productivity

This week we were captured by two articles about what we’re doing right (and wrong) in the workplace. We learned about 8 key factors that decrease business productivity and why it pays off to be funny at work—usually.


Concur Alternatives & 4 Ways To Evaluate Them

In today’s post, we’re thinking about the slippery slope of the “false dilemma” or “black-and-white” thinking. This is the kind of thinking that limits your options, presenting you two options when really, there’s more out there. Here at DATABASICS, we believe that you deserve all the “more” you can get, so we present you with a Concur...


USAID Leave Management Best Practices

USAID contractors need to meet all government regulations when it comes to employee leave, but they must also be sure to comply with all grant requirements for how funding is spent. That’s why USAID contractors should be sure to know and follow all the best practices for leave management.

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