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Nonprofit Grant Tracking Software Must-Haves

Tracking grants is of utmost importance for nonprofits because grants are their primary source of funding and every bit of funding needs to go as far as possible. Plus, nonprofits need to provide evidence of funds well spent in the past in addition to funds well managed in the present. This brings in the need for excellent and reliable grant...


Creating travel policy that works

If you’re either just beginning to figure out your company’s travel policy or you know that your policies need an update, this is the guide for you. Adapted from our recently published white paper, “Best Practices for a Smoother Expense Reporting & Auditing Process,” this blog is meant to help you take the first steps toward creating travel...


Are Your Business Rules Being Followed?

Many organizations need find themselves in the position of managing compliance for a few different stakeholders: the company itself, approvers and managers, and employees. Each stakeholder brings a different need to the situation. The company wants to fight fraud and save money, the approvers want to get through their approval queue more...


How Successful Businesses Track Projects

For businesses looking for methods of getting organized and staying up to date with billing/reimbursements, tracking projects can be the answer. With a lot of employees it can be challenge to manage their projects. Here are four ways that the most successful businesses track projects.


The Nature of Great Home Healthcare Auditing Software

Home healthcare organizations need to focus on the health and well-being of their patients. However, administrators and managers still need to keep the organization alive on the back end so that employees can continue to be paid for the time and reimbursed for their expenses. One tool to help managers is automated time and expense software with...


Nonprofit Time and Expense Software Benefits

Nonprofit organizations have a mission, which means that they don't have the time to worry about employee timesheets and expense reports. However, some of these organizations might realize that they are spending too much time and effort working on spreadsheets by hand to track their time and expense.


Staffing Agency Compliance Audit & Reporting Tools

With a focus on getting the right people assigned to the right jobs, staffing firms are in need of automated solution to cut down on the time and money spent auditing. Both approvers and auditors have an important job to do when it comes to ensuring that there’s no wasted resources and there’s no fraud being committed, which is why there are...


5 Benefits of Receipt Management for Staffing Agencies

Staffing organizations find it a challenge to get employees reimbursed for their expense reports quickly and efficiently. This is especially true if they have a large, mobile workforce with employees and approvers on the go. Organization is the key to success when it comes to timesheets and expense reports and receipt management can be an...


Top 5 Staffing Timesheet Must-Haves

Staffing and recruiting firms have a unique set of needs when it comes to timesheet software. We’ve built this list of timesheet tools and features that anyone looking for timesheet software in the staffing industry should add to their “must-have” list.


Automated Expense Report Tools for Government Contractors

Organizations that work with the government have a lot of requirements to meet, so they need government contractor expense reporting tools that will help them meet those requirements. In your search for the right solution, you should be looking for specific features of the solution to help meet your needs. Here are some government contractor...


How Global USAID Orgs Benefit from USAID Time and Expense

USAID contractors are always in search of methods for making their funds go farther. One way is to implement timesheet and expense report software. Here’s a list of how USAID time and expense software can make a big difference to the organization’s bottom line.

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