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Why Nonprofits Need Reporting & Analytics

Nonprofits have a large burden when it comes to managing their organization. They need to track their timesheets and expense reports transparently to show how funding is being used. At the same time, they also need to think about the future and where funds will come from for their next projects, which means obtaining new grants to fund their...


Find New Excuses: Travel Shouldn't Inhibit Communication

Business is mobile today.  That doesn’t mean that people are moving around any more than they have in the past.  What we’re talking about is mobile technology.  Access, with respect to most businesses, is nearly universal and mobile changes everything it touches, including excuses about why we can’t stay communicative concerning business over...


5 TEDtalks Sage Intacct Users Should Stop and Watch Now

In this new series, we're rounding up 5 TEDtalks for people of all industries. This week, we've gathered five TEDtalks for Sage Intacct users. You might be at Sage Intacct advantage this week, so we thought you might enjoy spending your downtime on these short videos. Get inspired and open your mind to the insightful ideas of these innovators,...


Nonprofit Leave Management Best Practices

One big challenge for nonprofits is leave management. Tracking leave data for all employees can be major source of administrative burden; this is especially true if the nonprofit doesn’t have a specific HR department due to budget constraints.


If You Work With EU Data, You Need To Read This: A GDPR Cheatsheet

 A lot of talk lately has been about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and that’s because not only is it important, but the deadline for becoming completely compliant is coming up in a little more than six months.


Sage Intacct Advantage & Las Vegas Food & Activity Recommendations

Sage Intacct Advantage 2017 is almost here and we're already thinking about what to do between sessions at the conference, like where to eat and what sights are in store. We hope you get a chance to check out the city of Las Vegas while you’re there for the conference. And, we hope you’ll come visit us at the Marketplace Expo! Stop by booth #24...


Geo-fencing for nonprofits and USAID Contractors

USAID contractors and nonprofits might not consistently have a mobile workforce, but they do have some employees and volunteers who might be working in an offsite location occasionally. That’s where geo-fencing can come in handy. Geo-fencing is technology that creates a virtual perimeter around a particular set of geolocation coordinates....


Are Your Staffing Agency's Business Rules Being Followed?

Staffing firms are often in a unique situation because they have three primary stakeholders: the client looking for an employee, the employee, and the staffing firm itself. This can make compliance a challenge when it comes to ensuring that not only are the company’s rules being followed, but so are the client’s rules.


GPUG Summit 2017 & Nashville Food & Activity Recommendations

With GPUG Summit 2017, the MS Dynamics GP user group conference, almost here, we’re gathering all data and what to check out in the area (after the conference, of course).  Here are our Nashville food & activity recommendations.

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