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MS Dynamics + Add-Ons = Increased Bottom Line

 It's simple math. If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity, pairing Microsoft Dynamics with third-party add-ons will do the job. 


[Checklist] 10 Questions For Choosing Expense Reporting Software

Developing strategies for the latest trends in increasing globalization on your own can be a real challenge. In addition to considering the risks and opportunities inherent in going global, business leaders also need to make special considerations for how their expense management system will handle these changes.


The Future of Customer Service

Customer service seems like a simple concept, but it’s something companies struggle to deal with. And yet, the cost of a customer who leaves due to bad customer service is substantial, according to a May 2016 report from New Voice Media.


8 Essential Business Travel Carry-Ons For Your Next Flight

Flying is a necessary part of getting from one place to another, particularly when it comes to business travel. What you pack in your carry-on can make a huge difference in your comfort, especially when you need to look good and be comfortable at the same time. Here are 8 items you need to carry on to guarantee a smooth trip.


How To Sell Change To The Skeptics In Your Company

Getting the whole team on board with a change in systems or policies can be a real challenge, even when it’s definitely for the better. Change affects the whole team, from the ground-level employees who will be doing their jobs differently to the administrators, managers, and decision-makers who will be putting into place and managing these...


Global Nonprofit Time And Expense Software

Nonprofits working in more than one country have specific needs when it comes to time and expense. Global nonprofit timesheets and expense reports need to be flexible and powerful enough to suit their unique requirements. Here are the must-have features of global nonprofit time and expense software.


The 7 Most Promising Tools to Drive Business Growth

We’ve compiled a list of the seven most promising tools that will not only drive business growth, but when paired with DATABASICS Time & Expense will significantly increase your company's bottom line

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