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Can You Afford Healthy Food On A Per Diem?

Per diems can be a smart way for a company to easily manage the cost of food for travelers. Paying the employee per day at a set rate reduces the administrative cost of filing and approving expense reports, a major benefit for companies with a lot of travelers. Plus, per diems allow for easier budgeting.


Artificial Intelligence in HR: Can It Actually Be Helpful?

With news of Apple’s doubled-down attempt to enter the AI (artificial intelligence) arena, trying to find practical applications for AI in other industries is becoming a priority. In HR, for example, there are plenty of applications for not only AI, but also for automation that will ease up the workload when it comes to tasks like recruiting,...


8 Pre-Vacation Tasks For A Stress-Free Trip & A Smoother Return

We’re 24 hours into the official start of summer. Hopefully that means that you’ve scheduled a vacation, which studies show increases your productivity and gives you a new perspective. With your leave requested, you’re probably counting down the days.


Anatomy of Great Retail Time & Expense Software [Infographic]

Retail industries have plenty of complex software needs. That's why it's smart to evaluate all your choices. Here's what you should look for in great retail time & expense software.


How To Manage Electric Vehicle Reimbursement

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more commonplace as they become more affordable and charging stations become more common. The U.S. isn’t currently leading the charge in the effort to get more green cars on the road; in fact, the U.S. is third globally (behind Norway and China) in terms of the number of EVs on the road. But, as more EVs...


How To Respond To Employees In These 5 Tough Situations

It can be (and often is) tough to be the boss. From afar, it can look like managers have it easy, but when problems arise, it’s the manager’s job to handle those problem in a way that’s fair, but effective. Of course, solving these problems is easier said than done. Here’s our advice for what to do in these tricky situations.


Top 5 Reasons To Bundle Time & Expense

Time & expense might seem like two separate processes for a reason: after all, they do different things. Back when we were accounting consultants, we noticed a gap in the market for a single-system experience that does both. Since most employees would need both systems, why should they have to log into two separate areas? That’s why we built...


Why Government Contractors Need Reporting & Analytics

Federal contractors need a solution for understanding their data. Data is power when it comes to earning new government sponsorships and building a reputation that will earn new contracts. What federal contractor organizations might not know, however, is that there are tools for helping you gather and understand your data. That’s where...


HR Policy Experts On Company Policies & Compliance

The June 7th SHRM #NextChat polled the HR experts on the problem of employee manuals. The question of the day: Should employers do away with their manuals? Here are some highlights from the conversation about policies & compliance.


The Future of Expense Reports In 2037

Tracking expenses is definitely not a new concept. Humans have trying to track how much they spend since the Stone Age when people started trading flint as a form of payment. From the piles of flint and obsidian found hoarded in ancient dig sites to the abacus to the spreadsheet (and even to automated tech today), the expense report has...


Benefits of Mobile Staffing Timesheets and Expense Reports

Staffing organizations have workers on the go constantly, plus they have a large mobile workforce, which can make it challenging to keep up with timesheets and expense reports. That’s where the need for a mobile time and expense solution comes into play. These are the top benefits of a staffing mobile time and expense solution.


3 Assumptions About Millennials You Shouldn’t Make

Plenty of assumptions about Millennials are being made, especially as they not only move into the workplace, but also become leaders in the workplace. Some assumptions about Millennials might be true, but we also think it’s important to know which ones aren’t true so that you can make the best decisions about working with your employees.

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