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Friday Playlist To Be More Productive & Get You Weekend Ready

We love Fridays here at DATABASICS, not only because Fridays signal the start of the weekend, but because we get to take stock of all we've accomplished over the week.


3 Ways to Prevent Buddy Punching

What is "buddy punching"? It's that not-uncommon-enough phenomenon in which one employee clocks in (or out for another, skewing the amount of time that employee actually worked). A 2014 American Payroll Association study found that this problem is far too prevalent: three out of four companies are losing money to buddy punching. And those...


FLSA Changes & How To Cope

Changes might be in store regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); these changes were halted in late 2016 by court order until new details about the requirements of the act could be investigated.


P-Card Program Management: A "How-To" Case Study

Purchasing cards (or P-Cards) are an excellent business decision for companies that want to save time and be more efficient, allowing employees to use their cards on allowable expenses under company policy. Traditional processes for payment can cost more and be more work to manage, as detailed at NAPCP's explaination of why to use purchasing...


Artificial Intelligence Is “Next-Gen” And Not “This-Gen”

A recent article called “Next-Gen Expense Management” by JoAnn DeLuna in BTN posited that automation and artificial intelligence could “all but eliminate expense reports and approvals.” The idea is intriguing because expense reporting (especially done manually) can be a dreaded task for employees. However, the notion that expense management...


26 Sample Employee Handbook Policies for Improved Compliance

The key to any good H.R. policy is, first, that it exists and, second, that it gets enforced. The challenge comes in initiating a tone in the language of the policy that allows H.R. leaders to enforce based on the situation. For example, if an employee is late most days of the week, that deserves a different reaction than if an employee is late...


3 Same-Day Expense Reimbursement Benefits For Your Company

Same-day expense reimbursement can be a new concept for employees, especially those who might be thinking that it's supposed to take weeks or months to get reimbursed for company travel or company expenses. The idea is simple: an employee can make a purchase and get reimbursed for that purchase the same day. There are three subtantial benefits...


5 P-Card Program Management Benefits You Might Be Missing Out On

We’re excited for NAPCP in just a few weeks, especially because we get to gather with other Purchasing Card (P-Card) enthusiasts and talk about one of our favorite subjects. To celebrate, we’ve been thinking about how P-Cards work and what P-Cards are used for, but we’ve also been thinking about how awesome it is to offer a P-Card management...


P-Card Management Best Practices: An Introduction

P-Cards (short for “purchasing cards”) are a long-standing part of many institutions. In fact, a 2016 study on P-Card trends by the NAPCP (National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals) shows that of those companies that use P-Cards, only 9% have been established in the last 5 years or earlier, while 90% had been established for 5 years...


Top 8 Timesheet Playlist Jams On Spotify

Following the success of our first Spotify playlist (Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Filing Your Expense Reports), we’re excited to bring together another playlist to keep your spirits up as you log your timesheets. We know that it doesn’t usually take too long to track your time, but still, here are some odes to time and all the good things...


3 Talent Retainment Tools The Best Employers Use

In this week’s Fun Friday, we’re curating several links recently posted from around the web on what we found was a common theme of keeping employees happy. After all, we’ve all heard that it’s wise to splurge on a cushy mattress since we spend 1/3 of our day on it, which becomes bigger since that means we’re actually spending more like 1/3 of...


How Level 3 Data Is Revolutionizing Expense Reporting

A recent article in noted new and “sophisticated” technology that’s changing expense reporting: OCR & HTML readings of hotel receipts. While it’s true that businesses should be leveraging this technology, it’s also important to highlight technology that isn’t relatively old news (since we’ve been doing it for a while). True...


Productivity Hacks That Helped Us Get More Done

The problem of productivity—or the lack thereof—is invading social media. The topic’s popularity is evidence of its purveyance within the working world. Even we here at DATABASICS have been caught up pondering productivity in terms of the business industry, particularly when it comes to A.I. But, as workers on a mission for our company, we’re...


Laughing & Learning Leads To More Productivity

This week we were captured by two articles about what we’re doing right (and wrong) in the workplace. We learned about 8 key factors that decrease business productivity and why it pays off to be funny at work—usually.


Global Tax Management Guide: How To Simplify Complex Challenges

Indirect Taxation Guide

Doing business globally means taking into consideration a whole new world of taxation: indirect taxation. In the U.S. alone there are over 14,000 separate tax jurisdictions, which means that knowing how to apply and remit sales and use taxes can prove to be a challenge. Even the most sophisticated organization would find...

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