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Concur Alternatives & 4 Ways To Evaluate Them

In today’s post, we’re thinking about the slippery slope of the “false dilemma” or “black-and-white” thinking. This is the kind of thinking that limits your options, presenting you two options when really, there’s more out there. Here at DATABASICS, we believe that you deserve all the “more” you can get, so we present you with a Concur...


Letter from the CEO

As CEO of DATABASICS, I’m responsible for making sure we comply with all laws regarding discrimination.  Beyond that, I’m responsible for us getting along, finding the best possible people to join us, and staying focused on doing what our clients expect of us.  There’s no room at DATABASICS for stereotypes or demeaning speech or behavior.  We...


Be More Productive Through A.I. & Learning About Learning

In our new Fun Friday series, we're curating some links from around the web that are getting us excited about our industry. This week, we're thinking about A.I. & productivity, two topics becoming more related each day.


How "Mobile-First" Thinking Simplifies Expense Reporting

Employees and employers are facing two major and somewhat contradictory challenges moving into 2017. The first is that a new concept-turned-buzzword is making its way through the Internet: “mobile-first.” 


3 Time-Tracking Software Myths Busted

In today’s post, we’re busting three myths about time-tracking software. While we agree with findings about the upsides of time-tracking software, we're also happy to provide more information about perceived downsides.


Enforcing Absence Leave Policies in 5 Easy Steps

Managing leave has become increasingly complex and more complexity means spending even more time manually managing employee leave. Beyond the workload of management, leave can also become a huge liability for many companies without the proper guards in place.


10 REAL Questions to Ask When Choosing a Global Solution

Whether you’re a rising star or a global enterprise, figuring out which global expense solution is right for you can be difficult when you’re in need of a genuine solution that offers more than multilingual support. While you’re doing the requisite research to find the solution that will work for you, here’s a preview of 10 real questions that...


[Guide] Choosing Time & Expense Reporting Software

Finding the best time & expense software for your company might not be as easy as doing a quick search through Amazon reviews. The trouble is that you’re looking for a solution, not a product, and solutions solve only specific problems. This means that the first step toward evaluating what will work best for you is making a list of the problems...


Writing Employee Leave Policy To Ensure Law Compliance

You may have landed here because you want to write a thorough attendance policy from the start of your business. But, you may also be here because you’ve had a policy in place that you think might not be working (or that might not be fully federally or state compliant). If you’re an HR professional looking at your own attendance policy, this...


Going Global Means You Need More Than Multilingualism

Why the hype on going global? Everyone wants to go global. This is more than just a trend; it's an intentioned way of doing business. So, what does it really take to go global?


A.I. & Automation Comparison: The Future & The Present

It’s science fiction today, but there may come a time when jobs as we know them today will be done by machines with the future of artificial intelligence. Here's our A.I. & automation comparison for expense reporting.


Getting Employees To Stick To Your Policies: Leave Policy Motivation

Because it takes so much work for HR professionals to deal with absence management, it would be amazing if your workers were so motivated that they stuck to your leave policies out of sheer loyalty to the company. But, loyalty is earned. Here are five moves you can make to get the most loyalty out of your leave policy and tend to the emotional...

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