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Managing Receipts Can Take So Much Less Employee Time

More than 68% of expense reports are filed during work hours (DATABASICS, 2017). This means that unless your job is only to file expense reports, workers are losing time working on their actual job. But, expense reports are probably only a small responsibility of that actual job, making it essential to acknowledge the time that goes into...


5 T&E Fraud Schemes Gov't Contractors Have Committed

Emerging technologies can play a critical role in stopping fraudsters in their tracks. According to a 2014 guide, most fraud occurs because reviews and approvals become more lax over time while workers find loopholes as they spend more time with a particular system.


The Sunshine Act's Future If The ACA Is Repealed

The future is unclear for the Open Payments program. Because it was implemented as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the possibility of changes or even complete repeal of the Sunshine Act is becoming more real, causing questions to arise about what will happen to the program in the near future.


4 Nonprofit Per Diem Benefits

In addition to trying to accomplish an initiative, nonprofit administrators need to figure out a system for paying back their employees and volunteers for travel expenses.

One easy form of reimbursement is the per diem, which translates literally to “per day.” This means that workers and volunteers are reimbursed based on a daily rate instead...


Automobile Allowance Rates 2016-2017 for Canada

DATABASICS can help you stay on top of Canada's requirements for reporting and recovery according to your company policy.


Expense Report Playlist: 10 Jams To Make Expense Reporting More Fun

While you're taking care of your expense reports, here’s a Spotify expense report playlist you can play while you work to make your tasks ahead a little more rocking.

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