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Ceridian Insights & Las Vegas-Inspired Activities: Can't Miss Eats & Sights

With the INSIGHTS, Ceridian's Annual Customer Conference almost here, we’re excited to see our friends and colleagues this year for another thoughtful event.  


Top 5 Reasons To Bundle Time & Expense

Time & Expense might seem like two separate processes for a reason: after all, they do different things. Back when we were accounting consultants, we noticed a gap in the market for a single-system experience that does both. Since most employees would need both systems, why should they have to log into two separate areas? That’s why we built...


How To Overcome The Biggest Leave Management Challenges

Employee absence management can get really complicated really fast, even for small companies. The biggest challenges seem to be in the details of leave management, from the process of managing leave requests to essential FMLA and disability compliance. Here, we consider what the biggest challenges are and how both small and large organizations...


8 Reasons to Abandon Spreadsheet Timesheets

Timesheets can be a source of major friction in the workplace, amounting to a task that employees and approvers equally dread, especially if the system involves spreadsheets that have to be done manually.


Friday Playlist Guaranteed To Keep You Productive & Get You Excited For The Weekend

We love Fridays here at DATABASICS, not only because Fridays signal the start of the weekend, but because we get to take stock of all we've accomplished over the week.

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