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How To See 20/20 Into The Future With Blockchain

"Can I borrow $25?" Kerry asks her brother Johnny.

A simple question sets the stage for a complex concept: how to get that money safely and securely to Kerry and back from Kerry. In the future, it'll be accomplished via blockchain.


Where Will Business Travel Be 1 Year From Now?

Predicting how business travel will change in the next year is challenging, especially since it’s changed so much in the last 12 months alone. Not only is the way businesses and employees approach travel different, but new rules and regulations are altering what travelers are allowed to do (and bring) on the flight. What will business travel be...


Time to Find Some New Excuses: Travel Shouldn't Inhibit Communication

Business is mobile today.  That doesn’t mean that people are moving around any more than they have in the past.  What we’re talking about is mobile technology.  Access, with respect to most businesses, is nearly universal and mobile changes everything it touches, including excuses about why we can’t stay communicative concerning business over...


5 TEDtalks Sage Intacct Users Should Stop and Watch Now

In this new series, we're rounding up 5 TEDtalks for people of all industries. This week, we've gathered five TEDtalks for Sage Intacct users. You might be at Sage Intacct advantage this week, so we thought you might enjoy spending your downtime on these short videos. Get inspired and open your mind to the insightful ideas of these innovators,...


If You Work With EU Data, You Need To Read This: A GDPR Cheatsheet

 A lot of talk lately has been about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and that’s because not only is it important, but the deadline for becoming completely compliant is coming up in a little more than six months.

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