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The Ultimate Expense Reporting Cheat Sheet

We get it. Expense reporting can be challenging. That’s why we put together this cheat sheet for when you need to get all the details—fast. 


7 Reasons Why Travel Management Should Move to HR

Within organizations, travel management is something of a vagabond. It may be independent or part of Finance, but increasingly it falls under Procurement.  This trend does make some sense.  Travel is, after all, about buying things. 


What the Intacct Pros Know About Time & Expense (And You Should Too)

Intacct is a main player in the Software-as-a-Service cloud computing world, providing "best-in-class" accounting ERP. Organizatons of all kinds use it, but not all of them are taking advantage of what the pros know about Intacct: the time and expense elements of Intacct are crucial.


5 MS Dynamics Trends That Increase Your Productivity

Prioritizing productivity is more important than even before, so that's why we've gathered a list of increasingly popular requirements for software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. These are five trends to look for when choosing a MS Dynamics ISV partner that will make you more productive than ever.

  1. Mobility & flexibility: The...


NAPCP & Houston-Inspired Activities: What We're Looking Forward To In Houston

With the The NAPCP's Annual Commercial Card and Payment Conference already here, we’re excited to see our friends and colleagues this year for another thought inspiring conference.  

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