Letter from the CEO

As CEO of DATABASICS, I’m responsible for making sure we comply with all laws regarding discrimination.  Beyond that, I’m responsible for us getting along, finding the best possible people to join us, and staying focused on doing what our clients expect of us.  There’s no room at DATABASICS for stereotypes or demeaning speech or behavior.  We...


Fun Friday: What We Can Learn About Productivity Through A.I. & Learning About Learning

In our new Fun Friday series, we're curating some links from around the web that are getting us excited about our industry. This week, we're thinking about A.I. & productivity, two topics becoming more related each day.


How "Mobile-First" Thinking Paves The Way For Easier Expense Reporting

Employees and employers are facing two major and somewhat contradictory challenges moving into 2017. The first is that a new concept-turned-buzzword is making its way through the Internet: “mobile-first.”


Do You Believe These 3 Myths About Time-Tracking Software?

In today’s post, we’re busting three myths about time-tracking software. While we agree with findings about the upsides of time-tracking software, we're also happy to provide more information about perceived downsides.


5 Steps for Efficiently Enforcing Absence Leave Policies

Managing leave has become increasingly complex and more complexity means spending even more time manually managing employee leave. Beyond the workload of management, leave can also become a huge liability for many companies without the proper guards in place.

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